Nobnocket Boutique Inn B&B of Martha's Vineyard History

Excerpts from the biography of Margaret Soule Hough:

It was during these little-boy years that he began to play baseball, which became the only sport at which he distinguished himself. "The fellars" then played baseball in Cat Hollow, now overgrown with trees and surrounded with houses, but then, as in my own girlhood memories, bare ground and far away, ideal for small boys. Garry used to look up at the surrounding hills and think how wonderful it would be to have a house up there -- he thought it was the most beautiful place in the world, a wish that became so firmly implanted that when he built his own house he did indeed choose that site (written in 1959 by grand daughter)

It was a simple square box of a house-- for economy in building and operating, but it was solid and comfortable, and Mama's taste made it very attractive. The view over Vineyard Haven harbor was superb. Then, in 1908 and for some years after, the harbor was always full of all sorts of craft - a safe port for coast-wise shipping, it held coal barges and tugs, schooners loaded with lumber and other goods, as well as pleasure craft of all kinds from catboats to steam yachts. It was a constant panorama of beauty and excitement.

...he and mother spent a delightful summer driving around the island with horse and buggy.

Dr. Hough senior never did practice medicine in "the house on the hill" but as he grew ill and could no longer practice medicine his son stepped into his place and did practice at was then known as Aldworth Heights.

It followed that a Dr. Mitchell took over in 1946:
.....At the last minute, when the house was all cleared out... furnishings distributed to the remaining family homes, or marked for sale, and all in readiness for the auction that would finally dispose of them, Mother, I remember bade farewell to the house. She went through it, alone, from attic to cellar and I know she was closing the chapter. It had been preeminently Papa's house, and it had been a lovely and happy home, and she had done everything she could for it, and for him.

After Dr. Mitchell came Dr. Feil. We had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Feil's children and other family member when they gathered together for the funeral of Dr. Feil in 2005. It was an honor to open the house to the family during this time. Martha's Vineyard hotel recreation roomWe were delighted to hear stories of their growing up in the house and all their fond memories. What especially interested me was hearing about summer on the sleeping porch where the girls would line up all their bed in a row and have a summer long pajama party! The sleeping porch is now an enclosed porch & part of a Luxury Suite

The estate was converted into a Bed and Breakfast in the late 80's.