Pokemon Go on Martha’s Vineyard

20 years after its original launch Pokemon has become an “overnight” phenomenon. The Pokemon Go app, launched earlier this month, is being down-loaded (when the servers aren’t crashing) at an astonishing rate. It has “swiped” aside Tinder and “crushed” Candy Crush within only a week. Vast swathes of the country are being invaded by zombie-like aficionados walking around staring into their phones hunting for elusive Pokemon characters. The game has succeeded in bringing gamers, who typically haven’t seen daylight in years, out into the fresh air. So let’s hope they’re applying lots of sun block! Pokemon Go is a kind of Geo Caching for those who have separation issues with their phones and who yearn nostalgically for when they were kids. Anything that gets people outside exploring the countryside and the environment is good by us.
Cute, and not so cute, Pokemon characters are apparently all around us waiting to be discovered, caught and then sealed in a Poke (don’t ask me, I’m new to all this).
So I’m guessing that even with a beautiful stretch of water keeping us at arms-length from the mainland, that Martha’s Vineyard isn’t immune to this craze.  Maybe there are Pokemon walking the gardens and woods at Nobnocket Boutique Inn….

These are my Top Ten guesses as to which Pokemon would choose to vacation on Martha’s Vineyard

A water Pokemon who enjoys long walks on the beach and cookies. Sounds like my kind of guy (or gal, not sure what the gender etiquette is in Pokemon land!) and would fit right in at our Boutique Inn in Vineyard Haven

Another water Pokemon and my namesake. One of the most sought after Pokemons in the Pokemon Go game, so one has to think that Martha’s Vineyard is exactly where he’d hang out to avoid the paparazzi. Psyduck is easily confused and spends most of its time swimming round and round in circles. Yep sounds like me.

A water Pokemon that is simply a cool drifter. It lazily floats in and out on the current without a care in the world.

Now this ground Pokeman is as nutty as a squirrel buffet. He spends all his time at the Martha’s Vineyard farmers’ markets exhibiting his leek. There’s really nothing more to say. To be fair everybody has to have a hobby.

A water Pokemon who goes down very well in shark circles. Seen more hanging out on the Cape than Martha’s Vineyard.

A Pokemon that disguises itself as a poke in order to meet people. Sad though this is we need to resist using a poke as a way to make friends.

Another water Pokemon that likes to float on its back on Martha’s Vineyard many ponds soaking up the rays and admiring the wind-surfers.

Martha’s Vineyard is a vacation must for any sand and beach lover. Sandshrew can be found playing beach Frisbee down at Katama Beach.

A  water Pokemon that loves doing as little as possible or indeed nothing other than what it would describe as leisure activities, by which it means doing nothing

Head “Up-Island” again to the farm stands of Martha’s Vineyard and you’ll find Exeggcute (the organic variety of course – this is the Vineyard!) hanging out.

Playful water Pokemon that is always in a vacation spirit. Loves to shoot jets of water at unsuspecting swimmers. Although if you’re out swimming, getting a face full of water kind of goes with the territory.

So if Pokemon Go is your thing why not head to Martha’s Vineyard for a few days at Nobnocket Boutique Inn and hunt down some of the Pokemons that are chilling by the beach or going “Local” at the farm stands

Safe Travels,