Where Will Harry and Meghan Have Their Honeymoon?

Harry and Meghan

We are closing in on Prince Harry & Meghan Markle’s royal wedding and the buzz around where they will spend their honeymoon is at fever pitch. Many places are being suggested but Buckingham Palace is being tight-lipped.

Africa locations such as Namibia and Botswana are in the running as is a possible trip to bella Italia to Tuscany or the gorgeous Amalfi coast. But the smart money is on a honeymoon on an island location. So which island will it be? – Seychelles, Nevis, Mustique, Antigua or maybe right here on Martha’s Vineyard!
Prince Harry & Meghan to honeymoon on Martha’s Vineyard I hear you gasp. Here’s why it could happen.

This is an island that Prince Harry’s mother, Princess Diana fell in love with when she escaped for a secret getaway here in 1994. She enjoyed sailing trips and quiet beaches and the seclusion and privacy for which this island is famous and why so many celebrities choose Martha’s Vineyard as a destination. No doubt she shared her love of the island with the young Princes and it would be a tribute to his mother to head back here for the Royal honeymoon.

If Prince Harry and Megan head to Martha’s Vineyard for their honeymoon there are a wealth of beautiful inns, hotels and houses at which they could relax. But if they want an English welcome and the best cup of tea on the island then we would love to have Prince Harry & Meghan stay at the Nobnocket Boutique Inn.

We’ve got our fingers crossed and are sitting by the phone.

Or maybe they’ve booked the inn already and we are sworn to secrecy!

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